Some firms find the hiring process tedious and resource intensive, which is why they hire the services of a recruitment agency. The agency will source, interview, check references and match candidates with the client’s vacant position. The agency then facilitates a meeting with the employer and remains the point of contact between the candidates put forward and the client seeking to fill a vacant position.

An agency can only develop a deep working relationship with the client by consistently submitting appropriately skilled, prequalified candidates as well as maintain a high level of customer service. According to Statistics Canada, there has been an increase in the number of recruiting firms in Canada due to the rise in the number of temporary workers. Temporary positions are most predominantly spread in food services, accommodation as well as the culture and education sectors.

1. Recruitment agencies vs. Employment agencies

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A recruitment agency is not the same as an employment agency. The difference is in who you end up working for. If you are hired via a recruitment agency, the client becomes your employer. On the other hand, if an employment agency hires you, you become an employee of the agency.

2. How recruitment agencies work

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These agencies are always on the lookout for viable candidates after they obtain a list of vacant positions from their clients, which they post online and other places. Agency experts will go through the applications and submit qualified candidates to their customers. If you pay attention to online job boards, you’ll realize that in most cases, there is no mention of the hiring firm.

This is because the agencies don’t want you to know employers and approach them directly thus stealing their pay day. The agency will, in turn, get a commission from the client for every successful placement.

3. The upside of working with a recruitment agency

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Many offices in Canada are always experiencing a demand in particular professions, nursing being one of them. The problem is, many job seekers don’t know where to look for jobs. Recruiting agencies know how to get your foot in the door of some of these companies. They have their way of navigating through the hidden job market. They present a viable job seeking avenue by getting job seekers, local or foreign, to places they would typically be unable to get themselves in.

4. Does it cost you to get a job via a recruitment agency?

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No. Not a dime. If a recruitment agency asks you to pay any kind of fee, just know that it’s a scam. The hiring firm is going to foot the bill for the service. Most of these placements may start as temporary work, but they can easily turn to permanent positions. To learn more information, please visit the All Personnel for their additional online resources.